February 11, 2017

"My husband Stephen and I wanted to move our family to Toronto and didn’t know what it would take to bring our newborn son. We looked into the immigration regulations and all the paperwork required but everything was so confusing and overwhelming. With so much on the line we decided to talk to Cristina at CEW Legal.

Cristina advised us on the travel documents we needed and guided us through the citizenship documentation process. She was very friendly, professional, and affordable and I could tell s...

December 16, 2016

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (also known as Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) announced that the government of Canada will deliver faster processing for spousal sponsorships. As of January 1st, processing times will be reduced to 12 months or less regardless of where the applicant applies from. This represents a major change in their policy and shows Canada's commitment to reuniting Canadians and Permanent Residents with their spouses. Other changes include revised application f...

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